Tools ABC

We have a wide array of tools to choose from to achieve our goals.
Here are some examples:

The Blum-Path

Blum’s values and Orientation Statement provide the framework for the daily activities of Blum employees. The Blum Path is tailored to the company and provides a strategy basis for the personnel and organizational development of the entire company. We chose the Blum Path Home to illustrate what tools we have at what organizational level.

Change process

Changes need the openness, energy and commitment of every individual. We create a positive framework and support employees and teams on their path to further development. (Chart: Change and identity based on Kübler Ross)

Performance in flow

Our goal is to reach an optimal state of performance. Together we work out the boundaries between skills and challenges and develop measures to meet individual needs and suit the situation at hand.

The basic principles

We would like to have responsible employees who act in a self-confident manner. That is why we help employees build up a healthy self-assurance and engage in dialog to promote confidence in their own strengths.

Visible progress

Starting out from the tasks at hand, we challenge and promote individuals and teams. We see personal and corporate success as optimal cooperation within this triangle.

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Let us ask you a question:

Why is it better for you to avoid changes?