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Limitation of liability
Blum International Consulting GmbH

This argument applies in relation to all companies listed below, hereinafter referred to as the Blum Group.

By accessing and/or using the information, services, links, functions, applications or programmes provided on this website, the user subjects himself to the conditions set out below:

No offer:
The content of the website is merely designed to provide information on services and products offered by Blum International Consulting GmbH. It is neither to be understood as an offer nor as a recommendation for a contract.

This website may only be used to contact Blum International Consulting GmbH for the purpose of establishing or maintaining a customer relationship or to get information regarding specific products for personal use.

Exclusion of liability:
The information provided on the website together with any published contents are not binding. While Blum International Consulting GmbH will make all reasonable efforts, to provide accurate and up to date information on the website, it is not possible to completely guarantee that there will be no errors contained in its contents or other information or technical documentation provided. In particular the website is no substitute for personal advice tailored to the situation.

Julius Blum GmbH is therefore not liable for losses of any kind, namely direct or indirect losses, defects or losses resulting there from (consequential losses), or losses or costs, resulting from the provision of incorrect information, regardless of the nature of the information. This applies in particular to any losses arising from incorrect statements contained in the general information or any other information.

Intention or gross negligence must be proved by the user.

Furthermore, Blum International Consulting GmbH cannot be held liable for any losses, namely direct or indirect losses, defects or losses resulting therefrom (consequential losses), or losses or costs, caused by the software or hardware employed as well as viruses, worms etc. unless the loss was caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Intention or gross negligence have to be proved by the user.

Blum International Consulting GmbH would like to alert the user to the fact that the protection of data transmitted within open networks in particular the internet can at the current level of technical development not be absolutely guaranteed. The user is aware that under certain circumstances third parties may have the technical know-how to interfere with network security and to gain control of the data transmitted.

Links / Availability:
The Blum International Consulting GmbH assume no liability for links or for any content of any websites or URL’s of other providers which are linked to the website. Similarly, they will not be liable for the permanent availability and full function of links to other providers’ websites or URL’s. Blum International Consulting GmbH is not liable for the constant availability of the whole website or any part of it. Moreover, there will be no liability for technical disruptions, breakdown of the server, disruption or breakdown of telecommuncation connections or suchlike which make it impossible to access either the whole or parts of the website of which cause distortion/loss of data.

Access to the website is achieved via the use of adequate technical equipment at your own cost.

All contents contained in the website are subject to copyright protection. This also applies to the website as a whole. Copyright holder is either Blum International Consulting GmbH or the natural or legal entity stated in the reference section.

It is not permitted to reproduce, duplicate or publish the website’s contents.

The user undertakes to keep Blum International Consulting GmbH indemnified against all third party claims which arise from the use of the website.

Austrian law is exclusively applicable to this agreement. The competent court for Hoechst/Austria will have jurisdiction.

If any provision of this agreement contravenes mandatory law or is otherwise unenforceable this will not affect the validity of the remainder of the agreement. The remaining part is unaffected and the invalid provision is replaced by a provision that is closest with regards to commercial meaning and effect.

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