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What is your favourite part of the body and why?

My belly for it`s kind of co-guidance – and because it was my daughter`s first home 😉

Which person (dead or alive) would you like to have a conversation with?

Astrid Lindgren

What`s the best piece of advice you`ve ever received?

Somebody told me – regarding a substaintial decision I had to make – to look ten years ahead and to then think about what would be a good even path breaking decision. So to say change my position from a frog- to a birds perspective. That helped me very much and enabled me to take a decision that still makes me happy today.

What is your favourite quotation, saying or motto?

“Success is not about what one possesses, but about who you are. Successful people work to discover their talent and to develop it. Then they use it to serve others” – Tim Morris –

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