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My job in one sentence (or even two…):

I share my organisational and personnel development experience with people in very different locations all over the world. I develop new ideas with them and bring these back to the office, where they top up my supply of future development ideas and innovative approaches…

Personal development:

Studied Business Management in Innsbruck and at the Management Centre in St. Gallen

Additional training in personnel and organizational development and marketing
Marketing and sales employee in the banking and textile industries
Long-standing managing director of a non-profit organisation
Lecturer at Innsbruck University for ‘Inter-cultural communication

In the team since:


What I enjoy most:

Exchanging ideas and having discussions with people from different cultural backgrounds.

My main areas fo responsibility at Blum International Consulting:

Working together/looking after subsidiaries and sales areas at Blum Austria, inter-cultural issues, continued development of the organisation.

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