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Which of your qualities do your colleagues most appreciate?

That I approach things with prudence and calmness. That I can listen attentively and ask questions when things are unclear. The clarity in what I say. And that I love to laugh – even about myself

What is your favourite part of the body and why?

My ears. Firstly, because they are perfect (so they’ve been telling me since I was little), secondly, because I need them to listen.

What is your motto?

I want – I can – I will!
There was a time when I put the second step before the first. I thought the plan is “I can – I want – I will”. Finding myself doing things that I was able to do, but did not really want to, I understood that the right order is important: Only when I know that I want something, it is relevant if I can do it. If both apply: go for it!

The craziest idea I´ve ever came up with?

When I was 12, I wanted to decipher the hyroglyphs. Unfortunately I was about 160 years too late with my idea. Six years later I dared to try the Cyrillic alphabet instead, which wasn’t trivial at all in the beginning. The Russian language has been one of my great passions since then.

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