Convincing through personality

The cours will be held in German for the time being. For further information please contact:

Personal persuasive power and the ability to successfully cooperate with different partners cannot solely be improved by following special techniques and methods. Wrongly applied techniques are risky since they can appear artificial and often manipulative; thus diminishing instead of increasing the trust of others.

Our training course will therefore work on each individual’s personality by building on the knowledge of strengths and weaknesses and creating an awareness of the possibilities of developing one’s own abilities. Having created this foundation, it will then be possible to adapt learned rules to the individual’s personality, to particular situations and to ever changing partners.

Only then can the individual be himself, self-assured and thereby gain by positively and successfully cooperating with others.


  • Understand his own personality, to become aware of this strengths and weaknesses and to improve his efficiency by consciously using his strengths.
  • Understand and accept the wishes and motives of his partners and bring them into line with his own.
  • Recognize the opportunities inherent in changing situations and consciously take advantage of them.
  • Be convincing in teamwork and conversations without having to play-act.

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