Coaching & Consulting

We work at several levels in the field of coaching and consulting:

Department coaching

We provide professional and ongoing support for managers, individual employees and teams. Our support encompasses all issues to do with personnel, organizational and corporate development. Collaboration is characterized by mutual trust and esteem and it is on this basis that the department coach strengthens the learning and problem-solving ability of everyone involved in the process.

  • Co-shape structures and workflows
  • Initiate, support and steer change and development processes
  • Strengthen interndepartmental, national and international collaboration
  • Promote team developments
  • Develop suitable measures to promote experts and managers
  • Provide advice and support with leadership issues and in critical situations
  • Implement the Orientation Statement and the Blum Path
  • Contribute to process optimization

Employee coaching

It is our goal to sustainably promote and strengthen our employees abilitly to learn and perform. It is a matter of recognizing an individual`s potential and extending their personal scope as best as possible. Thanks to the expertise of our employee coaches, they themselves provide assistance or establish contact with the right professionals.

  • Professional changes: Support and advise on direction and decision making
  • Life Domain Balance: Recognize motives for actions, identify what takes away and what gives employees energy
  • Challenge and promote employees optimally depending on performance and life phase
  • Psychological stress: How to deal with stressful situations, frustrations, insecurities, anxiety and boredom ...
  • Interface with Employee Service Point: Answer professional, family, personal and health issues

External consulting

"The success ouf our work is reflected in our customers day-to-day business". We see ourselves as responsible partners in a network of people who value each other and work well together. If the chemistry is right in terms of quality concept and basic attitude, and the issue lies in our field of competence, we also support external companies in addition to the Blum Group.

  • Support positioning projects
  • Steer change processes
  • Work out development programs
  • Provide coaching in difficult team and department situations
  • Advice on leadership issues
  • Carry out personal assessments
  • Strengthen international collaboration

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