“Scrum – but” …

Published on 31. October 2016

rugby_team_newsblog_enAn inspiring form of agile collaboration. We’ve tried out and varied the Scrum format for personnel development using different topics and different settings. We ourselves were greatly surprised by the positive results. “Scrum – but” … – for more information go to Insights.

Managers’ Challenge Cup – Quality Assurance Team Workshop

Published on 20. April 2016

Not long ago our Quality Assurance managers spent an interesting day at St. Arbogast Education Center, discussing in greater detail the future role of Group Managers. The objective of the strategic workshop was to facilitate an exchange of expectations between members of the management team, create a shared understanding through the definition of roles, heighten an awareness of management responsibility and support ongoing personnel development.

In the evening, participants had the opportunity to show off their billiards skills at Patrick’s in Rankweil. The first Managers’ Challenge Cup turned out to be a real sporting highlight! The final was a nail-biting affair which Heimo Masser (QMT Group Manager) narrowly lost to Andreas Quendler (BIC employee) – who had luck on his side and managed to pull off a surprise victory.

We enjoyed the intensive exchange of ideas and exciting tournament and are all looking forward to the next Challenge Cup. (Andreas Quendler)

“Bees meet flies” – organizational forms of tomorrow

Published on 3. September 2015

We invited people from different backgrounds and with different experiences under the motto “bees meet flies”. The idea was to jointly think about new and useful organizational forms.

The day’s format, which was somewhere in the middle between chaos and order, promoted an exchange of ideas, helped us provide impulses and put ideas to paper. The abundance of impressions and insights will serve as a long-term storage of ideas for further development. The loose connections and networks that were created during the event have a lot to do with new organizational forms.

Watch the photovideo and join us on an atmospheric journey! Have fun and (re-)enjoy the day which was a very special one for all of us! (Andreas Quendler)

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