“Bees meet flies” – organizational forms of tomorrow

Published on 3. September 2015

We invited people from different backgrounds and with different experiences under the motto “bees meet flies”. The idea was to jointly think about new and useful organizational forms.

The day’s format, which was somewhere in the middle between chaos and order, promoted an exchange of ideas, helped us provide impulses and put ideas to paper. The abundance of impressions and insights will serve as a long-term storage of ideas for further development. The loose connections and networks that were created during the event have a lot to do with new organizational forms.

Watch the photovideo and join us on an atmospheric journey! Have fun and (re-)enjoy the day which was a very special one for all of us! (Andreas Quendler)

Esteem – an underestimated motivator

Published on 24. March 2015

Esteem is a positive appreciation of others. It is based on your inner attitude towards them and applies to the person as a whole, to their nature. It has less to do with the person’s actions or performance although these factors influence your subjective assessment of the person and consequently your regard for them. (Translation of the definition of “Wertschätzung”, Wikipedia)

There is no doubt that esteem is a source of motivation. People are social beings, and esteem presents the typical human desire to be accepted and valued. Other forms of showing positive regard for others are, for example, saying “please” and “thank you”, looking others in the eye, treating them like equals, paying attention to what they are saying, listening to them, asking questions or smiling. It’s the small gestures that have the biggest impact.

We believe that this video shows well what effect “positive regard” can have. See for yourself … (Karin Steffan)

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