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Published on 27. February 2017

We try out a new approach – and invite others to watch us at work!

A few months ago we declared our Personnel Development Department a “flexible work area”. Shortage of space and the need for communication zones and marketplaces prompted us to rethink our approach and not kit out the free space with desks. We’ve dispensed with a rigid grid and introduced various working zones. Under the slogan “Find the place you need”, our employees now use the space they find most suitable for the tasks in hand. In the middle of this flexible work area, we have five “permanent workplaces”, so we’ve created a mixed office landscape. The first outcome is that we have far more different layouts for work and collaboration within the same office space. We believe this is a good start. But the new approach has not only created more possibilities. It has also given us the opportunity to reflect on various questions:

  • Is my daily search for a workplace liberating or does it impede my productivity?
  • Does this freedom increase or stifle creativity?
  • Does this mode of work promote or reduce dynamism?
  • Is it beneficial or detrimental to team cohesion?
  • …..

We are glad to share our experiences and impressions with various departments from BLUM, whose teams have already visited us and watched us at work! – HomePage Editorial Team –

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Let us ask you a question:

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