International teamwork

Published on 10. May 2016


Our core team at Blum International Consulting gets regular visits from employees from our subsidiaries’ HR departments. This was the case in early April when Amanda Moore (Blum USA) and Allen Carter (Blum UK) came to Hoechst.

These visits prompt an intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences – the office is like a beehive. Meetings and chats during breaks are conducted in English, mixed in with a few words of Vorarlberg dialect. This is how our guests gain an insight into our day-to-day activities, find out more about the issues we deal with and familiarize themselves with our culture. This allows us to continuously come up with new ideas and jointly develop input on how to translate personnel and organizational development into practice at Blum.

Besuch BXXOur intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences over a short period of time produces synergies and allows us to lay the foundations for effective collaboration.

Laid-back evening: Panorama Restaurant Karren / Dornbirn

These visits are valuable experiences for us all – both in our professional and personal lives. They are a great opportunity for us to actually implement the concept of cross-border networking and international collaboration.

Together we are strong! (editorial team)

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